The Fundamentals of Innovive Products

The Innovive Disposable IVC Rodent Caging System for mice and rats features our high-performance IVC rack that is designed to house our single-use, disposable cages. Our dedicated recycling service picks up used cages with dirty bedding from your facility. The Innovive system replaces the hassle of a traditional washable caging system and eliminates all of the laborious activities associated with it, such as cage washing, sterilizing, cage bedding and bottle filling.

By removing cage processing from the animal facility, the Innovive Disposable Caging System radically simplifies vivarium processes. This means a smaller, less-complicated facility layout; an easier operation to manage; and measurable improvement in operating performance, utility consumption, ergonomics, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), and biosecurity – all at a lower cost per cage change to your institution.

Disposable Cages 101

Learn about the basics of the Innovive Disposable Caging System for mice and rats: IVC racks, disposable caging, and recycling.

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Secure Process

The Innovive system follows a secure one-way process flow that results in simplified SOPs and a better biosecurity profile.

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Water Process

Learn about the Innovive water formulation process for our Aquavive® pre-filled water bottles, and what we do to ensure high water quality for your animals.

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Recycling Service

The Innovive Closed-Loop Recycling Service picks up used disposable caging components from your facility, which makes recycling easy and results in zero landfill impact.

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