Recycling Service

Innovive Recycling Service
The Innovive Closed-Loop Recycling Service allows you to easily recycle your used disposable caging with bedding still intact. The recycling service not only helps to eliminate the burden of cage dumping and processing, but also helps to significantly reduce your environmental impact.

What Happens at Your Facility

With the Innovive Closed-Loop Recycling Service, used disposable cages can be restacked with soiled bedding and sealed back in their original bags. Afterwards, it can be taken straight to the recycling dock of the facility.

The Innovive Recycling Service Team then picks up the bags of soiled cages so they can be further processed for recycling. We work with every customer on an individual basis to customize a recycling schedule that best suits the unique needs of the facility.

What Happens At Our Recycling Facility

Innovive has invested in a proprietary recycling technology and separation equipment that allows us to separate bedding from the cages. Our process flakes and granulates the plastic, which is thoroughly cleaned and then sold back to our vendor network. We also separate material for landfill or waste-to-energy where it is appropriate.

Materials We Pick Up

  • Cage bottoms with or without soiled bedding
  • Cage lids*
  • Aquavive® Water Bottles*
  • Feeders (plastic only)*
* at locations where local recycling facilities are not present

Additional Recycling Options

Innovive disposable caging products are all made of PET 1, which is very widely accepted in many municipal, university, and commercial recycling programs. An Innovive recycling coordinator can help you work with local recyclers and assist in setting up your recycling program.

How Can You Participate?

Innovive provides recycling service for all customers based on a standard recycling service contract. For more information about all the ways Innovive can help you recycle, please call our customer service department: (866) 432-2437.

We Keep Track!

Customers who request tracking will receive a quarterly tracking report from us that shows the total weight and estimated amount of plastic recycled and bedding composted.

Since December 2010, 460 tons of plastic have been diverted from the landfill.