The Innovive Guarantee

The Innovive Guarantee

Innovive is committed to offering the most cost-effective rodent caging solution available in the market. We uphold a set of guarantees to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Affordable Low Cost

Innovive guarantees to be the most affordable rodent caging solution.

By eliminating cage washing procedures, it reduces both the upfront and operating costs of running a vivarium – such as equipment, labor, and utilities – and decreases your per diem caging costs over time. When considering all costs over 10 years, if your cost model shows a competitive system is lower cost, we will adjust our pricing or pay you the difference.

Simplifies Biosecurity

Innovive guarantees all of our caging products are delivered biosecure.

We securely double-bag our cages and irradiate them to medical device standards in FDA-regulated facilities, so it is completely ready for research use when it arrives at your facility. We also perform consistent bioload tests on our products as a final measure of assurance. Irradiation certificates and water testing reports are available using the lot numbers provided on each package. If you feel the biosecurity of the caging products you receive is compromised in any way, Innovive will provide a full refund or replacement for those items.

More Ergonomic Solution

The Innovive System is guaranteed to be a lower ergonomic risk than any traditional cage washing system.

By eliminating the high-impact tasks associated with cage washing, the Innovive system drastically reduces and simplifies facility workloads and improves your facility’s occupational health profile. In addition, our patented thin-wall cages are guaranteed to be the most lightweight caging in the market (a cage set for mice weighs less than 9 oz. and 20 oz. for rats). If a third-party comparative analysis shows another system is more ergonomic than the Innovive solution, we will compensate you for the cost of the study and provide hands-on training to lower the ergonomic risk at your facility.

Comprehensive Recycling Solution

We guarantee recycling service nationwide.

We fully recycle all plastic materials so that it never reaches a landfill. The plastic is flaked, cleaned, and 98% is reclaimed to make new products. We guarantee a flat-rate price nationwide for our recycling service and provide quarterly recycling reports to certify the total amount of recycled plastic and total material diverted from the landfill.

If you're interested in learning more about any of our guarantees, please contact us for full details.