System Benefits

Innovive Disposable Caging System Benefits
The Innovive Disposable Caging System delivers many benefits to your facility. In addition to an easier operation to manage, the Innovive system provides measurable improvement in biosecurity, animal welfare, operating costs, sustainability, ergonomics, and scalability.

Animal Welfare

Studies show the Innovive Disposable Rodent IVC Caging System provides the best cage level environment for your animals.

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The Innovive system is the lowest-cost animal husbandry solution in the industry that reduces the total cost of housing animals over a facility’s lifetime.

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Learn how Innovive applies sustainable business practices in everything we do, while also enabling you to significantly reduce energy use and water consumption at your facility.

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The Innovive system eliminates cage washing and consists of lightweight products that reduces repetitive strain injuries and improves employee health.

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The Innovive system saves valuable space and resources, as well as lowers the amount of fixed infrastructure required at your facility.

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