Innovive Economics

The Innovive Disposable Rodent Caging System offers the most compelling value proposition for housing your rodents in the market today. The Innovive system reduces the total cost of housing animals over a facility's lifetime.

Innovive Economic Benefits Chart

Fig. 1 – Innovive Economic Benefits Chart

Capital Costs

The reduction in capital costs is a direct result of eliminating cage washing from your animal housing operations. It eliminates capital expenditures on cage wash equipment and any required construction for it. On average, implementation of the Innovive Disposable Caging System saves hundreds of thousands of dollars for an average size facility and millions of dollars on construction or renovation of large-scale facilities.

Operating Costs

The Innovive Disposable Caging System also eliminates all of the costs associated with washing and sterilizing cages: labor, energy use, water consumption, washing supplies, and washroom HVAC costs. By implementing the Innovive system, your animal facility can save up to a 60% on utilities, reduce water consumption by 90%, and significantly reduce labor costs.