Innovive Improves Ergonomics at Your Vivarium

The Innovive Disposable Caging System eliminates all of the cage washing and processing activities commonly associated with repetitive strain injuries. Eliminating these activities improves employee health and results in a more satisfied staff and stable workforce.

Third-party side-by-side analysis shows that Innovive is an ergonomically low risk solution compared to the high risk traditional alternative.

Legend Low Risk Medium Risk High Risk
Preparing Cages for Clean Cage Storage 0.66 0.79
Processing Water Bottles 0.18 1.18
BEST Scores
Dirty Side Cage Wash N/A 36
Clean Side Cage Wash N/A 36
Animal Holding Room 22 34
Overall Score
Humantech® Risk Rate LOW HIGH

Table – Ergonomic Comparison between Disposable and Traditional Cage Processing (Source: Humantech®)

Learn more about Humantech®'s analysis from our "Vivarium Ergonomics" webinar.

No Cage Washing

The use of disposable caging eliminates physically demanding, high-force activities associated with cage washing (moving, loading and unloading of dirty cages all day long in the washroom). It also eliminates cage dumping which reduces allergen exposure.

Lightweight Products

The lightweight disposable cages can vastly reduce ergonomic risk for animal technicians. An animal technician changing 200 cages per day will lift approximately 2,080 lbs. using traditional washable caging compared to approximately 800 lbs. using Innovive lightweight disposable caging.

In addition, Innovive Aquavive® pre-filled bottles are packaged in 12 packs and 6 packs. They are extremely lightweight and easy to stack onto carts. This results in very low impact for managing the entire watering process in animal facilities.