Innovive Disposable Caging System is Scalable to any Facility

A common challenge for vivarium planners is forecasting both the size of your animal program and the type of animals your facility will be supporting. For a traditional caging facility, these factors determine your washroom investment. Once it is built, it becomes very disruptive and costly to make changes at a later date — it may be too small to meet future demand or it may end up being too large for your current operation.

Innovive Disposable IVC Rodent Caging System allows you to keep your options open. By eliminating cage-wash infrastructure, it allows you to scale your operations to your current census while still having the opportunity to scale up or down at any time. The ability to increase your mouse or rat capacity in the future is as simple as ordering more Innovive IVC racks and caging.

The Innovive System saves valuable space and resources and lowers the amount of fixed infrastructure required at your facility.