Innovive Product Sustainability

From the beginning, Innovive has embraced the concept of sustainability. We understand the importance of reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations, which is why we strive to apply sound sustainable practices in everything we do – from the engineering and production down to the packaging and delivery of our products to your door.

In addition, by eliminating cage-wash infrastructure from your facility, the Innovive system enables you to significantly reduce your energy use and water consumption. Our closed-loop recycling service also makes it easy for you to recycle plastic and compost bedding, and results in a zero landfill impact.


Innovive Sustainability Why It's Good for the Environment
Up to 70% Post-Consumer Plastic Our thermoformed plastic is made from post consumer plastic reclaimed in California. Since December 2010, we diverted 28.4 tons of plastic from landfills.
Manufacturing Efficient production and state-of the-art equipment results in extremely low energy use: 0.002 kilowatt-hour per part.
Water Conservation The cage manufacturing plant uses a closed-loop water recycling system, meaning water is reused.
Irradiation Process Using individual product dose mapping, maximizing cycle loads, and using both gamma and electron beam irradiation minimize the energy load required for irradiation.


Lighter Cages Our patented lightweight designs allows our products to be stacked efficiently. The minimal weight and space that it requires on a truck help reduce transportation emissions.
Better Packaging, Better Routing

Our customer service team works with each customer on every order to reduce delivery mileage, optimize loading efficiency, and use shared container load shipping.

We also work closely with multiple transportation companies to maximize the use of rail and backhaul routing, particularly for supporting our Closed-Loop Recycling Service.

The System in Use

Energy & Water Reduction

The Innovive Disposable Rodent IVC Caging System eliminates cage washing and sterilization from vivarium operations. Running a vivarium without a cage wash lowers a facility's energy use, water consumption, and detergent cost.

It also has a lower HVAC load as opposed to the high HVAC load that is typically needed to offset the heat generated by a traditional washroom. A high HVAC load is often 50% or more of the total HVAC expense of the animal program.

Recycling & Compost Services

Closed-Loop Recycling

Innovive products are made with 100% PET plastic with no glues or contaminants to ensure maximum recyclability. We have also made significant investments in recycling technology and infrastructure so that we can provide a complete recycling service to our customers that assists them in recycling plastic cages.

Learn more about our Closed-Loop Recycling Service