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Introducing AIA Continuing Education Credit Course

"Implementing Disposable Caging in New and Existing Facilities"
AIA Course Number INNO1012011

In this short in-person session, participants will benefit from a deeper understanding of how disposable caging can simplify vivarium design and construction for both newly built and remodeled facilities. Case studies will be used to benchmark best practices on key metrics. A toolkit for advising customers on this technology will also be provided.

Our AIA Continuing Education Course qualifies for general education credits and will be of interest to all architects and lab planners that are engaged in animal laboratory facility projects in the US.

The course will provide an overview of designing for a disposable facility and will address the following:

  1. Strategies for the most efficient facility layout, with a focus on storage space, caging density, one-way materials flow, and improved biosecurity.
  2. An overview of health and safety considerations, including the ergonomic benefits of eliminating the washroom and from using lighter weight disposable caging.
  3. A detailed computational model that compares the total lifetime cost of building and operating a disposable caging facility versus a traditional animal facility.
  4. Environmental assessment of disposable caging, from manufacturing and customer use to disposal.

Innovive can conduct the presentation at your firm.
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