Innovive Webinar Series

The Innovive Webinar Series addresses relevant issues for the animal husbandry industry. The series focuses on the effective introduction and use of disposable caging at your facility with discussions of key considerations such as ergonomics, economics, operation process, biosecurity and more. This series is designed to give attendees the relevant product information, third party analysis, and analytical framework they may use in evaluating the Innovive system for their own facility.

If you have suggestions for future webinar topics, please email them to info@innoviveinc.com.

Vivarium Ergonomics –

A Third-Party Analysis Between Washable and Disposable Cage Processing

This webinar reviews the results of a third-party ergonomic analysis conducted on site at actual vivarium operations. Find out the NIOSH and BEST scores for cage processing tasks in a traditional washing facility and a disposable caging facility and learn about the ergonomic benefits of disposable caging.

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How Clean is Your Cage?

Use the Right Metrics to Select Your IVC Rodent Housing System

This presentation introduces standards for Research-Ready™ caging to evaluate your rodent housing solution. It evaluates disposable caging against current industry metrics and introduces new standards emerging from the use of disposable caging.

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Disposable Rodent Caging at Your Facility

Implementation of a True End-To-End Rodent Housing Solution

This presentation provides an in-depth overview of how disposable rodent caging facility compares to a traditional one. It also addresses best practices derived from six years of customer feedback.

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