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Lisa Roberts

Director of Customer Service


Lisa Roberts joined Innovive in 2021 as a Senior Customer Service Manager and leads the Customer Service and Support teams. Before Innovive, Lisa worked at Envigo for more than 30 years and has acquired extensive experience in the research model and services segments and managed Customer Service teams globally. She brings strong lab animal experience and a passion for serving others to actively advocate for improving the customer experience and processes.

Jeremy Jenson

Sr. Sustainability and Circularity Manager


Jeremy Jenson is the Sr. Sustainability and Circularity Manager responsible for ensuring the sustainability and circularity of Innovive's supply chain and product life cycles, focusing on Innocycle, Innovive's sister sustainability company. He joined Innovive more than ten years ago and has played an integral part in Innovive's rapid growth, including starting the first water production line, achieving company-wide ISO 9001 certification, and leading the rack production team through the largest yearly production increase in the company's history. Jeremy leans on his Peace Corps and non-profit work in West Africa, education in natural sciences, and deep understanding of Innovive products and processes for a practical and honest approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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