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and the Innovive Research-Ready IVC System

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As the field of microbiome research continues to grow, so does the need for maintaining gnotobiotic rodents in a germ-free environment. For many years, isolators have been the popular equipment for keeping rodents germ-free, but as literature suggests, it is possible to maintain gnotobiotic mice using IVC caging 1. This is especially true for dispoable IVC caging.

Why use a Research-Ready IVC System for Gnotobiotic Research?

Research-Ready cages arrive irradiated, double-bagged and guaranteed to have never housed another rodent. This helps keep conditions aseptic at the cage level from the very beginning and eliminates the possibility of germs being left behind from the cleaning process. Simply put, you’re starting with a clean, germ-free cage at the beginning of every change.

Decreased Dependency

With a disposable IVC system there's no washing involved. That means there's no heavy equipment to purchase, infrastructure renovations or additional strain in an already busy washroom. Research-Ready caging completely cuts out the tunnel washer and autoclave process.


Research-Ready cages arrive at your facility through an ordering process which allows you to purchase as many as you need. Ultimately a Research-Ready IVC system builds with your research and gives a facility the opportunity to easily scale a gnotobiotic program up or down with minimal risk.


Our Research-Ready cages are delivered double-bagged and irradiated with options for pre-bedding, pre-filled water bottles and enrichment. This allows the caging and its components to be used immediately upon arrival or received directly into a storage area until needed.


Our system is engineered with dual HEPA filters at both the rack and cage level, racks with adjustable positive and negative airflow pressure, and cage lids that naturally create an airtight seal. Our rack and Research-Ready cage system work together to offer a high level of biocontainment and bioexclusion that will help your facility get the most of your science.


Germ-Free Disposable Cage Presentation

Asceptic Cage Change with Germ-Free Mice

"The right caging system will allow you to house gnotobiotic experiments in an outside caging system giving you bioexclusion and biocontainment while using the isolator for its intended purpose of breeding more germ-free mice."

–  Stephany Vasquez-Perez   |   Oregon University

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