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Your vivarium.

Innovive provides the only simple, full-cycle clean environment for accelerated science without the stress and complexity of a washroom.

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Increase Your 
Speed to Science

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Meet Your 
ESG Goals

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Scale With Ease

Technician docking the Innocage onto the Innovive IVC rack.

No Cage Washing

Alleviate the strenuous labor, constant repairs, and the operational pain of a washroom. 


Free up the space, time, and capital with the Innovive Research-Ready IVC system. 


Working with disposable cages creates a highly flexible space and maximizes the footprint for research activities.


-Top US Biotech Company 


Avoid the high cost of compromised science. 

Receive fresh, irradiated, zero bio-load new cages ready for research on your schedule. 


No more pathogens or grime residue in your cages compromising the quality of your science. 

A new Innocage that's pre-filled, pre-enriched, and irradiated.
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Environmental Milestones

2.3M lbs.

of plastic recycled

of bedding composted

5.7M lbs.

an equivalent of 28,457 tree seedlings sequestered over the first 10 years of their life**

1,720.95 MT CO2e*

*Emissions reductions based on California Air Resource Board (CARB) benefit tool quantification methodology from 1/2022-12/2023.



Environmental Responsibility 

Recycle your used caging with bedding and we’ll pick it up at your location. 


Get quarterly reporting on recycled plastic and composted bedding from your Innovive disposable cages. 

Meet your ESG goals with Innovive —the industry’s first and only vendor with a responsible, closed-loop recycling program.  


Recyclable Caging System yields lower HVAC load compared to high HVAC load needed to offset heat generated by a washroom.


- Key University Researcher 

Scale With Ease

Eliminate barriers to starting your science.  

Scale your in vivo operations up or down as needed

A graphic image of the Innovive IVC racks representing scalability.
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Light, Clear,
  • No more strenuous cagerobics and heavy lifting. 

  • Easily observe the animals without disturbance.

  • Reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and dander allergies. Your technicians will appreciate it.

Better for
  • Make a significant difference in your animals’ welfare. 

  • Improve animals’ environment with precision-controlled airflow, low acoustic and ammonia levels. 

  • A better breeding environment with BPA-free cages than the traditional system. 



  • Remove the burden of cage scraping and dumping.

  • Set up a customized schedule that best suits the unique needs of your facility.

  • Make it easy for your team to recycle plastic and compost bedding.

Ready to get started?

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