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System Benefits

The Innovive Disposable Caging System delivers many benefits to your facility. In addition to a more streamlined operation to manage, the Innovive system provides measurable improvement in biosecurity, animal welfare, sustainability, ergonomics, and scalability.

Animal Welfare

The Innovive Disposable IVC Rodent Caging System provides the best cage-level environment for your animals. Studies show the Innovive system yields:

  • High precision-controlled airflow;

  • Low acoustic levels;

  • Low ammonia levels;

  • Better breeding environment for your animals than the traditional system.


The Innovive Disposable Caging System eliminates all cage washing and processing activities commonly associated with repetitive strain injuries. Removing these activities improves employee health and results in a more satisfied staff and stable workforce.

Third-party, side-by-side analysis shows that Innovive is an ergonomically low-risk solution compared to the traditional high-risk alternative.

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We securely double-bag our cages and irradiate them to medical device standards in FDA-regulated facilities to be delivered to your facility research-ready. We perform continuous bioload tests on our products as a final measure of assurance. Irradiation certificates and water testing reports are available using the lot numbers provided on each package. If the biosecurity of the caging products you receive is compromised, Innovive will give a full refund or replacement for those items.


From the beginning, Innovive has embraced the concept of sustainability. We understand the importance of reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations. We apply sustainable practices in everything we do – from the engineering and production to the packaging and delivery of our products to your door.

The Innovive system significantly reduces your energy use and water consumption. Our closed-loop recycling service makes it easy for you to recycle plastic and compost bedding, with a goal of zero waste. 


Environmental Milestones

2.3M lbs.
of plastic recycled
of bedding composted
5.7M lbs.
an equivalent of 28,457 tree seedlings sequestered over the first 10 years of their life**
1,720.95 MT CO2e*

*Emissions reductions based on California Air Resource Board (CARB) benefit tool quantification methodology from 1/2022-12/2023.





A common challenge for vivarium planners is forecasting the size of your animal program and the type of animals your facility will support. For a traditional caging facility, these factors determine the washroom investment. When it's built, it becomes disruptive and costly to make changes on the go — it may be too small to meet future demand or be too large for your current operation.

Innovive Disposable IVC Rodent Caging System allows you to keep your options open. Eliminating cage-wash infrastructure enables you to scale your operations up or down as needed. The ability to increase your mouse or rat capacity in the future is as simple as ordering more Innovive IVC racks and caging.

The Innovive IVC System saves valuable space and resources and lowers the fixed infrastructure required at your facility.

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