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ALPHA-Dri® bedding is ideal for GLP research. Standard disposable mouse cage bottom arrives pre-bedded and ready for use with ALPHA-Dri®. Perfect for GLP studies.  


R-BTM-H-AD (Pre-bedded, ALPHA-Dri®)

R-BTM-H-ADE (Pre-bedded, ALPHA-Dri® with innorichment) 3 Sheets

RXL-AD (Pre-bedded, ALPHA-Dri®)

Key Advantages:

Dust elimination: Clean and virtually dustless bedding helps reduce cross-contamination, filter clogging, and possible issues of dust adherence to animals. 

Better for animal observation: Bright, white color aids in animal observation.

  • ​Exceptional absorbency.

  • Environmentally friendly. 

  • Delivered irradiated.


Required Cage Components:

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