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Innorack   Tall IVC Rat XL


All rat IVC housing for use with Innocage® Tall IVC Rat XL caging.

Key Advantages:​​

Larger Living Space Each Tall Rat cage has a 9" (22.9 cm) headroom for more living space. Dynamic Digital Controller Dynamically maintains settings on both supply and exhaust blowers. Quick-look color display for easy status monitoring. Ergonomic Design Lightweight rack and blowers. Full-cage visibility. Trolley for maneuverability. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Continuous shelf design and smooth. beveled surface allow for easy cleaning Quick-disconnect blowers. Autoclavable Innorack® available upon request. Low-Vibration Rack Operations A low-vibration ventilation system creates stress-free animal environment, contributing to animal welfare

Required Cage Components:

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