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XL rat cage sized for larger rats and breeding. Made from 100% PET and BPA-free plastic. The bottom arrives irradiated and ready for use.

Key Advantages:​​

Designed to be used with the Innorack® IVC Tall Rat XL. For use with Innocage® Tall Rat XL lids (34.6 oz/908.9 g total). Extra-large cage, sized for large rats. Interior dimensions: 322.5 in² floor space, 9" height (2080.6 cm² floor space, 22.9 cm height). Outside dimensions: 16.9"L x 26.9"W x 9.9"H (maximum) (42.9 x 68.3 x 25.1 cm (maximum)). EU Compliant USDA species compliant (Rat, Hamster, Guinea Pig)

Bedding Options:

Required Cage Components:

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